Duke, once again, finds himself as a glorified delivery boy. His package, a new tracking device that will put the U.S. Military way ahead of the other countries. But when Cobra decides they want it, it becomes a full out firefight. CLICK HERE


Shockblast is gone, and the new tracking device is in the hands of Cobra. But with the lack of operation codes, Cobra Commander must now launch a daring plan to insert Zartan into GI Joe HQ. CLICK HERE


In a town in the Middle East, Dusty and Sandstorm are in a different kind of trouble as rebel freedom fighters try to overthrow a terrorist government. But when they find that an American soldier is held captive by these terrorists, it will take everything they have to rescue him and expose a secret that could endanger all the GI Joe team. CLICK HERE


The Joes are now in a race for time as they try to stop Cobra from unleashing their new plan. But when the truth is discovered, even Hawk is worried that they will be unable to stop the terrorist organization! CLICK HERE


Dr. Mindbender reveals the first prototype of his B.A.T. Program; an armor/semi-autonomous robot that is almost impervious to most small arm weapons. Things begin to heat up as Destro begins to gather a small troop, loyal to M.A.R.S. and Destro. COMING SOON


MAY 05, 2011

I have uploaded a "How-to" for the city street I put together. Check it out here

APRIL 07, 2011

Updating the GI Joe character page. Several characters were created when this part of the site was at Cobra HQ. When this site opened, it was one of the pages that was a work-in-progress. It is still under development, with the addition of a few new characters, including Defrag, Search and Rescue, and Fast Track. Be sure to check them out.

MARCH 22, 2011

I was doing a search on Google. Using the key words, "Dio Comics", I found NightHawk Comics was the fifth on the list. Now this surprised me, as I am not using keywords in my coding yet. So, the only ones who know about this site address are me and CAPTAIN ZEDO, who, as of this posting, has not updated the link. So, how was my site added? Oh well, it's all good.

Further into my search, I found a website dio comic well worth reading. I posted the link, however, I do not know who wrote the story. So, if you created the website "Cobra Reborn" let me know so I can give the writer the proper credit. It truly is a good story. UPDATE: The author is Mighty Megs

MARCH 18, 2011

I have been stuck to uploading pictures to my computer only on the weekends for the time being. This is through the generous offer of a good friend of mine as my laptop has taken a nose dive into the "lack of power" nether regions. As such, any updates will be made during the week and uploaded at any oppertunity I can find. I will try to work out an appropriate schedule soon.

In the meantime, I have uploaded the preview of the next edition of both of the comics. Please note that HARDWAR 1 has not yet been completed, that should happen in the next couple of weeks.

Also, if you are visiting this page, please head over to the bulletin board, register, and let me know who you are. The board does require registration, but this is only to keep out the bots and spammers. I only want to know who is visiting and what people think. So, head on over, register, and post your thoughts.

MARCH 14, 2011

I have chosen to not take up HunterJWizzard on his generous offer. It is out of no hard feelings or resentment, as I really do appreciate the offer. However, I am a fan of both worlds, and as such, cannot see breaking up the comics. Thank you Hunter, you will have your link as promised, in both comics sections, and I hope to have you continue visiting NightHawk Comics website.

Along those lines, NightHawk Comics now hosts both comics at this one website. Each comic is treated like it's own website with their own links and navigations. If the site grows to be more than the 50MB limit of Freewebspace, I will deal with that when I get there.

The GI Joe comic section has gone over a huge facelift to make it feel more unified with the rest of the site. As such, the comics are listed here only. This, of course, will change in the next few days as I get the covers redone. Bare with me on this. The Hardwar Comics, however, remain basically the same.

Both stories are coming along. GI JOE 5 is in the photo process, while Hardwar 1 continuation is in the editing stages. This may seem to be the easy part, however, it is taking longer than expected as I try some photo editing techiques I have not tried before, so again, bare with me.

Enough rambling. Let me get back to the stories.

MARCH 13, 2011

Once again, I am using for this site. The info is current and I have been given an offer I cannot refuse. A fellow Hardwar fan has offered me space for the Hardwar: Evolution comic at his site. I would be a fool to resist, so keep checking back for the news on the move. Thanks to HunterJWizzard for his offer.

MARCH 12, 2011

I am still searching for a more appropriate free webhost. ZeroCatch is ok, but the pop ups do get annoying, especially when you can't close them. In the mean time, I am working on the new photos for Hardwar: Evolution, and also working on rewriting GI Joe Deliverance Part 5. Don't give up on me. These stories are being worked on. My time is just becoming less and less my own, so I squeeze in whatever time I can for my stories.

MARCH 07, 2011

The site is now hosted at That is nighthawk dot zerocatch dot com. This will be a temporary site while I find one without pop ups. I hate pop ups, but until I find one that does not use them, this will have to do. Enjoy!

MARCH 06, 2011

I should take this time to tell you what NIGHTHAWK COMICS is.

Inspired through JOE DIOS, dio comics is the use of toy photography with a story told in comic book or graphic novel form. I began as a writer of several short stories. This changed when I stumbled on Joe Dios and began photographing my little army men in action poses. Eventually I started adding storylines to them. As the story grew, I began to branch out to my other favorite pasttime, HARDWAR. Now I have two comics in running, which made the use of this site a neccessity.

Now you know what NIGHTHAWK COMICS is.

MARCH 05, 2011

I have added the comic book chapters and synopsis on the page. Also added were the three links for this site. Joe Dios is where my inspiration for dio comics comes from. Check it out for great dio pics and customs. The NightHawk Forum will be the bulletin board for my comics. Zedo's Hardwar site is the central location for all things Hardwar.

MARCH 04, 2011

Launch of the NIGHTHAWK COMICS site begins. While, at this point, the site is not posted, I will continue posting news and updates as they are added. This site will be the central location for all the comics and stories I write, as well as any news I get concerning the activities of each book.



The story begins. Justin Cass is a new clone with no memory of his donors past. As he journeys to establish himself, events unravel around MisOp that baffles the citizens. Is this the work of the factions, or is something bigger happening? CLICK HERE


As the alien sightings increase, Justin finds a small underground resistance, led by Psycho Bob. Even as new material begins dropping on the ground, Justin finds himself looking for a top secret lab that may contain the secret to ending the war on Titan and bringing peace to the citizens. COMING SOON

Nighthawk Comics and all information herein copyright 2011. No piece may be copied or transmitted without written consent from Andrew Pelkey or NightHawk Comics. The name G.I. Joe is a registered trademark of HASBRO. HARDWAR is a registered trademark of the Crown in England. All characters and events are fictitious and do not identify any known person or event, wether past, present or future. Andrew Pelkey is a full fledged geek by nature, and should not be considered intelligent by any standard.